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Personalized service: solution design + shopping list + budget

We offer this service for free. Save your time for researching, just answer a couple of questions and submit a sketch. Then we will be able to give you a recommended total solution for your railing project. The list will include post, fitting, wire rope, tool, price of each item and the estimated budget. So you can just follow the list to buy them all in 5 minutes. A simple sketch would work, you can just draw it with a pen.
The reason for the $100 deposit is that we are receiving more and more requests and we don't have enough engineers to accomplish them all. This service will cost a lot of time to analyze and calculate. So we have to focus on the customers who need it more. 
After you placing an order over $500 on our website ,we will refund the deposit within 7 days. If your order is less than $500 then it won't be refundableThere may be cases where the required product is sold out. If something in the list is out of stock, then the minimum order amount would be $300. Otherwise, the deposit won't be refundable. We appreciate your understanding.


1.We use google form to collect your answers. It requires to login a google account. 
2. If you need material calculation and buget estimation, you will be asked to upload a sketch of your project.A simple sketch would work, you can just draw it with a pen.But please make sure it is clear and marked with all the information we need.Including length of each section, mark all the sections need railing, mark the angle sections like stair and ramp.And all the post position.
3. We will recommend the right products first and reply to your email. We need you to confirm the products before we can move to the next step.Since material calculation and buget estimation are  based on the first step. 
4. This service will cost a lot of time to analyze and calculate.So we can't satisfy urgent case.It usually will take about 5 work days to finish ,might be longer during busy days.

Sketch example

Sketch requirements

The sketch should include the following important information otherwise we can't do the work correctly.
● Mark the sections to install with a bold line.
● Write stair and ramp on the sections with angle.
● Mark the length of each section.
● Mark the position of each post.
● The handwriting should be neat and legibly since we are not native speakers.
● The sketch should be clear enough for reading with the best resolution you can do.
● Please upload some photos of your project field if you could. That will be helpful to accelerate the work.

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