Custom design service

Get your design for free

 ● Now we offer custom design service for free!
 ● Please click the button to answer some questions and submit a sketch so that we can get all the necessary information about your project. After that our experts will be in touch, please note to check your email and confirm your request.
 ● Our experts will do these works for you, including product selection, railing design, and budget estimation. Please keep in touch and exchange your thoughts.
 ● Usually it will take about 1-2 weeks to finish a project. However, this can't be promised during busy days. For urgent cases, it is recommended to pay a
$20 deposit to give priority to your project and accelerate it. The deposit will be refunded after placing an order of over $400.
 ● You could also get a quick rough budget ahead by clicking the button below.
 ● Please Note: This service will only design the project once. An additional deposit of $50 is required if the project involves major changes. 

Sketch example


1.We use Google Form to collect your answers. Google requires you to log in with a google account.
2. Please send us a simple sketch like the example above. Please check the requirements of the sketch.
3. We will send you an item list based on your information and need your confirmation of the item list before going to the next step.
4. This service will take about 5-10 workdays to finish.
5. If you didn’t receive our confirm email in two days, please check your spam folder or reach us by email and phone call. 

The requirements of the sketch

The important information below should be included otherwise we might not be able to do the work for you.
● Mark the cable railing sections with measurements using a bold line.
● Mark the angle of the stair or ramp and mention that it’s stairs.
● Mark the position of each post if you have this arrangement.
● The sketch and the handwriting should be clear enough for reading
● Please upload some photos of your project if you could. That will be helpful for understanding.