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Install jaw turnbuckle kit - CK08/CK18/CK19/CK20

 Related models - CK08/CK18/CK19/CK20

Jaw turnbuckle kits are very popular for wood posts. They are made of T316 stainless steel and designed with one-piece appearance.They are capable of 180-degree rotation, which means they are fit for both horizontal and angled installation, like deck and stair railing.

Angled installation - stair railing

 Related models - CK23/CK24

This video will show you how to make an angled installation with muzata cable railing kit CK24. Angled cable railings are mostly for stairs. 

Installation with wood posts - invisible terminals

 Related models - CR26/CR27/CR36/CR37/CR38

This video will show you how to install cable railing for wood posts with muzata hiden terminals. Wood posts are easy to install and you can have a wide range of choices for fittings.

Installation with metal posts - CR07 + CR23

 Related models - CR07/CR23

This video will show you how to install cable railing for metal posts with a personalized terminal combination.

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