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Cable railing FAQ - frequently asked questions


What is cable railing?
Why choose Muzata?
How much does it cost?
Can I build a cable railing all by myself?
What kind of material and tools do I need?


How to design my railing?
How to caculate the materials?
Where are the installation videos?
How to deal with corner?
The max space between cable and posts?

Product selection

How to choose fittings for deck railings?
How to choose fittings for stair railings?
How to choose cable railing fittings for metal posts?
How to choose wire rope?
How to choose tools for installation?


How long will it take for shipping?
Is the shipping free?
How to return if I don't like it?
Can I buy from countries outside the United States?
What payments do you support?

Shipping time
during Corona outbreak

Dear customers,

The Corona outbreak has affected our shipping.
We have warehouses in the US, standard delivery usually takes 3-5 days. However, it will take more time during the outbreak.
Generally standard delivery  takes 4-7 days now but can't be promised.
There are small chances that some orders might be delayed for about 5-10 days even longer.
Expediated delivery will be faster (2-4 days) and barely delayed but also can't be promised.
Please make sure you are OK with that before placing the order.We won't be able to accept refund request if it turns out you can't wait.
Please take care and stay safe. God bless you and America!

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