Cable Cutters and Cutter Wire

Muzata Railing has been always focused on providing high-grade cable cutters that offer precision and a touch of class. Cable cutters come in handy with hardware and other methods.

You can rely on our carefully made cutters to cut wires without worrying about inflicting any type of damage to the cable. With time, cable cutters made at Muzata Railing and the applications that they serve have changed a lot.

Cable Cutter Selection

Confused about which one to pick out of the best stainless steel cable cutters available at Muzata Railing? Try to understand the wires and the gauges that you usually work with. Some cable and wire cutters can take care of smaller gauges while some can handle larger, while others handle everything else in between.

Cable Cutter Sizes

At Muzata Railing, different sizes and shapes of stainless cable cutters are available. We categorize cable cutters based on jaw size and the overall size of the tool. Both these are usually measured in millimetres (mm).

Use of Cable Cutters

Before making use of the Muzata Railing cable cutters, you need to make sure that the wire cutter can handle the type and thickness of the cable in question. Upon this, you will need to open the jaws of the cutter to place the cable between them on the point selected for cutting. In the case of two-handed grips, each handle should be gripped and pushed together to complete the cut.

While using our stainless cable cutter, make sure to ensure that electricity isn't flowing through the cable during the cut. Making use of our insulated cable cutters can also be a great option.