Wooden post systems

WoodHidden cable railing system 

Patent invisible terminals could be hidden inside the wood posts to get a neat look.

WoodLoft cable railing system

An industrial style cable railing system with economical price.

WoodBudget cable railing system

A simplified cable railing system with a terrific neat look for wood frames. The Left & right lag screw kit not only makes it simple but also cuts down the budget. 

CableGenie cable railing system

Get a perfect neat look by using Muzata patent-designed invisible cable railing terminals, which could be completely hidden inside wood posts. 

WoodEasy cable railing system 

Beginner-friendly cable railing system for wood frame. multi-angle turnbuckles are ideal for both level and any angle railings.

WoodBlack cable railing system 

WoodBlack system is an excellent modern cable railing system for wood frame decks and stairs. The terminals and cables are custom made with a black appearance to create a cool and peaceful vibe.