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         How to install invisible kit CR26?

Today we are going to show you how to install Muzata invisable cable railing kit CR26. The greatest feature is it could be hiden inside the post and make the railing pretty. And it works for both wood and metal post.

1.Firstly we need to divide the height of post into equal length for each run , and mark with a pencil

2.Then install the small end first since it is imposible to swage it if we leave it to the last step.Drill a through hole with a 6 mm drill bit .

3.Put cable into small end and swage it with Muzata hydraulic crimper .

4.Install the small end through the post. Put on a protector sleeve to protect the post and make the hole pretty.

Next step, install the big end.

5.Firstly Drill through with 6 mm bit , then drill from outside for 55 mm depth. A key point is you need to drill along the 6 millimeters hole to make sure the two holes are concentric .

6.Extend the turnbuckle before measuring the cable length so there will be some extra room for tensioning cable at the last step. Measure the length , mark , and ,cut .

7.Put the wire rope into swage end and crimp it with a hydraulic crimper. Install the two parts of turnbuckle by jointing them inside the post .

8.The last step , tense the wire rope by rotating turnbuckle with the allen drive attached in the package.

9.And it is done . It is easy to do it all by yourself without being a pro.

Shipping time
during Corona outbreak

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