Muzata cable railing kit 5-20 Pack CK01

$40.00 $25.88

Cost-effective : Popular economical cable railing kit

Material : T304 Stainless steel

Outdoor : Perfect for both indoor & outdoor project like deck & stair railing

Easy : Easy to install. Do it yourself by folllowing our video


    Brand Muzata Model number CK01
    Material T304 stainless steel Product type  for wood post ;
    Dimensions Check the images above Items in 5-pack Turnbuckle x5; eye strap x10; thimble x10; ferrule x10;screw x20;
    Items in 10-pack Turnbuckle x10; eye strap x20; thimble x20; ferrule x20;screw x40; Items in 20-pack Turnbuckle x20; eye strap x40; thimble x40; ferrule x40;screw x80;


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    Cable railing installation videos fittings for wood post fittings for deck railing cable railing wire ropes

    Customer Reviews

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    Great product.

    Ordered my first set, and installed it. Had some issues, but after watching some YouTube videos - I got it. So I order a second set, to do another installation. Great products, and good delivery time.

    I do advice to buy the crimper and cable tool, if you don’t have it. If I wouldn’t have got it with my first order, life would had been difficult.

    Thanks for your positive review. Our support team will keep work hard to help customers. Please feel free to ask us whenever you need further information.

    Fantastic value

    We've been wishing to re-do our deck railing for some time. My friend had hers done and it was $1500. Ouch! My boyfriend discovered this hardware on-line. We are on the coast so we are in need of stainless-steel. For her deck, only for ONE set of tensioners and end piece was $70. We need like 20! There's the cable to buy. We got this and were very satisfied. For $500, and that's also the wire, we can do both stairs and decks. We just recently purchased more but beware who you get it from. I thought I got it from the same seller but I didn't and it's on a slow boat from China and will not be here for 2-3 more weeks. It came fast when we ordered this!

    Excellent value

    All these are a great value. We live on the coast therefore we really need stainless steel. Our close friend had her contractor handle hers. Only for one set, it was $70. We really need about 20 so it will add up. These were very easy to set up and provided a great appearance. We acquired a lot more.

    It does the job and I'm pleased, but not necessarily impressed.

    let's be honest, this is about $.30 worth of stainless/aluminum. I thought the turnbuckles would be a little bit larger for a $40 pack. It does the job and looks beautiful in my application. I did need to buy more crimps and cable ends since they provide you exactly what they say and I needed extra for my project, but the completed product seems great. In my honest thoughts its a little bit overpriced for what you get. I 'd say $30.00 at the most is generally appropriate.

    perfect looking, not for beginners!

    The instructions are a bit unclear for people who exactly do not do this kind of project. Through all the descriptions and reviews it leads to believe it's easy. Once we struggled through the first set up the rest were no problem at all. We then got back and re-did the first one. I will strongly recommend getting the tools they recommend for the project. I think they ought to actually just come as a full kit. Given that we had our own crimper and wire cutter, we did not buy them at first. They didn't do the job they the way the should I guess. There is a small teardrop piece Shown as going on at the end with the turnbuckle. We could not get that to go on for the life of us. We ended up keeping them off. If that's critical or not, not sure. It seems to be doing the job fine without having it however there is very little instructions in the manual about those pieces and how to even get them on to the end piece. Overall these are awesome looking but in stall is not for a beginner.

    Super easy to mount and looks perfect!

    Our insurance company made us fix our railing because the spindles were to far apart. As soon as I found this kit I realized exactly what I needed to do.

    I cut out all of the iron spindles with an angle grinder, brought in 4x4 post with brackets into the concrete. Drilled the holes for the cables using an extremely long drill bit (1/4 inch x8"). I purchased the cable from Home Depot (50ft for $18) and I ordered 4 sets of metal screw on clamps from Home Depot (which helped me avoid buying the swage tool).

    The most awesome part about this kit is the longer 2 sided bolt parts. They enable you to have slack in our line so it's simple to set up and once your completed clamping the pieces on, you just spin it to secure it.

    Will absolutely recommend!!

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