Share Photos of Your Cable Railing Project on & Get a $50 Muzata Gift Card

Sharing videos of your Muzata cable railing project on, and you will get a chance to win Muzata gift card. It doesn't matter where you bought the products, whether they're from Muzata, Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart or another retailer.✨


💰Anyone who publishes photos conforming to the above guidelines will receive a $50 Muzata gift card, which can be used at with no minimum spend required!

🏁Content guidelines:

1️⃣Post a photo of your cable railing project on
2️⃣Include at least two pictures.

User Generated Content, Submissions & Photo Sharing

By posting or sharing your content with @muzata_official @muzata_railing #muzata #muzatarailing, or other Muzata brand hashtags, you give Muzata the right to use your content for educational and promotional purposes. You also agree to protect them from any liabilities related to the use of your content.

1. Muzata products must be displayed clearly and completely in the photo/video!
2. This activity is limited to residents of the United States and will be closed at the end of the year 2023.
3. Participants will need to send photos to our official email address ( to redeem their prizes. 💌