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How much does a cable railing system cost?

the cost of cable railing projects varies according to customer preferences and project dimensions. Generally, for a single project of 12 feet, it might cost about $2000-5000 (including fittings, posts, labor fee) if you hire someone to build it. However, you might be able to cut it down to $500 if you install it yourself with Muzata products.
We are happy to help you estimating the budget.Please contact by live chat.

Shipping time
during Corona outbreak

Dear customers,
The Corona outbreak has affected our shipping. We have warehouses in the US, the standard delivery usually takes 3-5 days. However, it will take more days during the Corona outbreak. Generally it might take 5-10 days now but can't be promised, there are chances that some orders might be delayed for about 30 days even longer. Expediated will be faster and less chances delayed but also can't be promised.
Please make sure you are OK with that before placing the order.
Please take care and stay safe. God bless you and America!

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